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Build a Portfolio that Beats the S&P 500!

• Pro-Tools for Individual Investors
• Simple Five-Step Approach
• Created by Stock Market Expert Marc Chaikin


Chaikin Analytics

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Chaikin Power Suite

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All the Tools You Need to Build a Portfolio that Beats the S&P 500


Chaikin Power Gauge: The Centerpiece

An unbiased, 20-factor alpha stock model that has proven successful at identifying stocks likely to under- or over-perform the market over the next 3-6 months.
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Chaikin Analytics: Individuals

For experienced investors looking to turbo-charge their portfolio results

Detailed stock and ETF charts save you hours of research

Alerts and Buy/Sell Signals highlight each day’s top action steps

Curated HotLists – let you zero in on the best stocks to buy

Includes complimentary Chaikin Power Suite Subscription, worth $190/year

Accessible from any PC, Mac or iPad

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Chaikin Power Suite

For investors of all styles looking for simple tools for making money in the stock market. Offers three services that work seamlessly together:

Market Insights. Marc Chaikin’s weekly insights on the market and what you should do next.

Portfolio Health Check. Personalized analysis and alerts help you spot trouble and opportunities and act ahead of market shifts.

Power Gauge Reports. Drill down on individual stocks with in-depth, on-demand reports on 5,000 stocks.




What Successful Investors are Saying

Secret Weapon

“I use the Chaikin Power Gauge as a secret weapon in my own investing and trading. I’ve easily paid $500 or more for far less cool investment research tools.” ―Mike, VP Marketing, media services company

My returns are all the proof I need

“The Chaikin power gauge is my go-to guide. It simplifies my research. If the power gauge is green, I let it ride. If something goes red, I look for a green replacement. My returns are all the proof I need that Chaikin’s model is the real thing.” ―Invention7

It works

“The Chaikin Power Gauge works because it reflects the way the market really is.” ―Marc Gerstein, stock screening expert

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