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Pro Tools for Individual Investors: Find the Winners, Drop the Losers

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• Created by stock market expert Marc Chaikin



Chaikin Analytics

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Chaikin Power Suite

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All the Tools You Need to Build a Portfolio that Beats the S&P 500


The Centerpiece: Chaikin Power Gauge


A GPS for investors – Marc Chaikin’s unbiased 20-factor stock rating model has proven successful at identifying stocks likely to under- or over-perform the market over the next 3-6 months. The Power Gauge is also supported by the successful performance of the NASDAQ Chaikin enhanced alpha indexes, which exceeded their benchmarks by over 50% in the first year. Learn More >>


Make More Money in the Market with Less Risk

Choose the Service That’s Right for You

We offer a range of easy-to-use stock ideas, analysis and research services for all investors – from beginners to professionals.

Brought to you by the same team that pioneered the first real-time analytics workstation for institutional money managers and trading desks – led by stock market expert Marc Chaikin


Chaikin PowerSuite

A Suite of Services that Work Seamlessly Together Help You Invest Smarter

Actionable stock ideas, insights and in-depth ETF and stock research plus portfolio analysis tools help investors identify the best stocks to buy and weaker stocks to avoid or sell. Includes:

More Ideas – Actionable ETF and stock ideas – Industry Bulls and Bears, Earnings Ideas and specific ideas for swapping your weak stocks for strong

More Insights – daily and weekly market commentary from Marc Chaikin and our Chief Market Analyst, including specific ETF and stock ideas

More Research – in-depth, on-demand Power Gauge Reports on 5,000 stocks with actionable bullish or bearish ratings, updated nightly

Subscriptions start at $49.95/month > more info


Chaikin Analytics

Interactive Stock Analysis and Research System Chosen by Successful Investors and Pros to Beat the S&P 500

Interactive analytics workstation with fundamentally-driven, alpha-generating Chaikin Power Gauge model at its core; combines cutting-edge fundamental indicators with proprietary analytics in an easy-to-use desktop or iPad application.

Helps asset managers and sophisticated investors reduce risk and identify profitable ETFs and stocks to buy. One go-to system saves hours of time.


• Proprietary Chaikin indicators and proven model help you decide on best ETFs and stocks to buy

• Exclusive Buy/Sell Signals help you know when to buy and sell

• Customized Alerts highlight key changes to your portfolio; Curated Hot Lists provide actionable stock ideas

• Additional stock ideas, daily and weekly insights and in-depth research

• Free one-on-one tutorials and subscriber-only online sessions help you set up and use all the features

Subscriptions start at $195/month > more info


What Successful Investors are Saying…

A Quick $21,500 Profit

“Using the Upcoming Earnings Ideas in Chaikin Analytics, Netflix had a very Bearish rating… bought 3 put contracts before earnings on 10/15 for $22.20 and sold the day after earnings for $93.90. A quick $21,500 profit.” ―JV

Great Trade!!!

“I followed your AMZN trade… Great trade!! Profit covered next year's total cost of our two months in Hawaii, after taxes! My wife thanks you and I thank you.” ―RW


“Marc's weekly Market Insights work as my market trading GPS. The accuracy of the SP 500 Index level prediction is pretty amazing.” ―GC

My returns are all the proof I need

“The Chaikin power gauge is my go-to guide. It simplifies my research. If the power gauge is green, I let it ride. If something goes red, I look for a green replacement. My returns are all the proof I need that Chaikin’s model is the real thing.” ―Invention7

It works

“The Chaikin Power Gauge works because it reflects the way the market really is.” ―Marc Gerstein, stock screening expert

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