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Chaikin Analytics - Desktop and iPad
Chaikin Analytics | Individuals
For experienced investors looking to turbo-charge their stock portfolio.

Interactive Stock Analysis and Research System
Chosen by Successful Investors and Pros to Beat the S&P 500

Interactive analytics workstation with fundamentally-driven, alpha-generating Chaikin Power Gauge model at its core; combines cutting-edge fundamental indicators with proprietary analytics in an easy-to-use desktop or iPad application.

  • Helps asset managers and sophisticated investors reduce risk and identify profitable ETFs and stocks to buy
  • One go-to system saves hours of time
  • Brought to you by the same team that pioneered the first real-time analytics workstation for institutional money managers and trading desks — led by stock market expert Marc Chaikin
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  • Covers over 5,000 stocks & 1,500 ETFs
  • Detailed charts pull it all together for you, save you hours of research time
  • Alerts view and exclusive Buy/Sell signals highlight each day's top action steps
  • Curated Chaikin HotLists, one- and five-year historical views and Industry overlays give you the full picture for each stock
  • Additional stock ideas, daily and weekly insights and in-depth research
  • Accessible from any PC, Mac or iPad
"Your after-sales service to ensure I was using the Chaikin tools properly has been exceptional. It's like having my own team of professionals behind me, wanting me to succeed" ― D, Canada

The centerpiece of Chaikin Analytics is the
Chaikin Power Gauge ― a GPS for stock investors!

"I followed your AMZN trade. Great trade!! Profit covered next year's total cost of our two months in Hawaii, after taxes! My wife thanks you and I thank you." ― RW
  • A remarkably accurate indicator of where a stock is headed over the next 3-6 months
  • Unique, alpha-generating model based on 20 factors
  • Successfully validated on 10 years of data and, in first year, all 3 Chaikin Nasdaq Power Indexes, based on the Chaikin Power Gauge, outperformed their benchmarks by over 50%.
  • In mere seconds, analyzes masses of data and distills it into easy-to-read displays, green for bullish, red for bearish
  • Find the winners, drop the losers ahead of price moves
  • Actionable ideas that would take hours to research—yours in seconds

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Includes personal introductory session, ongoing customer support, exclusive webinars with Marc Chaikin,
and free Chaikin PowerSuite Premium subscription worth $495/year.

One subscription includes both desktop and iPad access.

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What Sets Chaikin Analytics Apart?

Proven Analytics
Chaikin's time-tested analytics enhanced by the Chaikin Power Gauge Rating, New Trend and Relative Strength indicators, and actionable trading signals suitable for any investment style.
Customized Lists,
Time-Saving Sorts

Customize up to 500 watchlists and portfolios. Do top-down analysis or a Portfolio Health Check of any watchlist, major Index, Industry Group or curated Chaikin HotList.
Less Clutter
Make reliable, analytics-driven decisions on any of 5,000 stocks or 1,500 ETFs in mere seconds. Identify potential landmines to sell or avoid before they tank, or profitable stocks to buy before they soar.

Find Out What Successful Investors and the Media Already Know!

"a slick, impressive, easy-to-use tool."
― David D. Janowski
“Chaikin is in good company: one way to locate a good stock is to locate the right industry. Chaikin’s system recommends both specific stocks and industries to swap for weaker performers.”
― Mike Hogan
"Love the service. I was a TradeMONSTER customer and saw the invitation to subscribe ― it was a no-brainer. Worth every penny. Just to be able to turn that iPad on and see those reports, man does that make my life easier."
― Chaikin Analytics User
"… a fantastic resource, whether searching for investment opportunities or validating research. I’ve made significant money with the Power Gauge Rating. This is a must-have for any investor, from the sophisticated institutional techie to the individual investor. Try it and have fun!"
― William F. Landy
"My Chaikin Analytics subscription paid for itself in my very first trade - and then paid me back more than 11 times in 2013."
― AD

"Chaikin Analytics has made me enough money this week alone [$30,000] to buy a year subscription for 15 people from profit alone."
― MW

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