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A Suite of Services that Work Seamlessly Together
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Wouldn’t you like to find the best stocks to invest in, and the landmines to sell or avoid, using the same factors that influence such world investment greats as Warren Buffett? Now you can – with Chaikin PowerSuite.

We offer a range of easy-to-use services for all investors – from beginners
to advanced – choose the one that’s right for you.

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Marc Chaikin’s Weekly Market Recap
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24/7 Access to In-Depth Power Gauge Research Reports on 5,000 stocks Sample >>
Portfolio Health Check (weekly): Personalized portfolio analysis and alerts help you spot trouble and opportunities and act ahead of price changes. Find ideas for swapping weak stocks for strong. Sample >> Up to 99 stocks
in one portfolio
Weekly Market Insights: Chaikin Founder & CEO Marc Chaikin provides his weekly commentary on the market, what you should do next, plus strong stock & ETF ideas. Sample >>
Daily Morning Insights: Chaikin Chief Market Strategist John Schlitz recaps the previous day, what to expect today and offers specific buy/sell stock ideas. Sample >>
Portfolio Health Check on S&P 500 (weekly)
Weekly stock ideas: Strong Stocks in Strong Industries, Industry Bulls & Bears, Earnings Ideas and more
Plan & Pricing Chaikin PowerSuite Premium

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Simple strategies to help you make more money
in the stock market with less risk

Really Understandable

"PowerSuite makes a mass of incomprehensible material accessible and really understandable. I can’t imagine anyone who wouldn’t understand it.” ― AM

Serious Analytics

"I sincerely appreciate Marc’s effort to help investors gain access to highly sophisticated stock market guidance for a very reasonable cost. Marc’s weekly Market Insights works as my market trading GPS. The accuracy of the S&P 500 Index prediction is pretty amazing.” ―GC

Chaikin Separates the Chumps from the Champs


The Centerpiece: Chaikin Power Gauge ― A GPS for stock investors!

“I’m a big fan of Marc Chaikin” — Jon "DR J" Najarian, CNBC Fast Money

  • A remarkably accurate indicator of where a stock is headed over the next 3-6 months
  • Uses powerful analytics once available only to professionals
  • Based on proprietary, unbiased, 20-factor model successfully validated on 10 years of data
  • Supported by first-year performance of three Chaikin Nasdaq Power Indexes, overlayed with the Chaikin Power Gauge, these three indexes outperformed their benchmarks by over 50%
  • In mere seconds, analyzes masses of data and distills it into easy-to-read displays, green for bullish, red for bearish
  • Find the winners, drop the losers ahead of price moves
  • Actionable ideas that would take hours to research―yours in seconds