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August 30, 2014

Strongest Group:

Air Transportation

Stock to Watch:

JetBlue (JBLU)

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Marc Chaikin gives you simple strategies
for making money in the stock market!

Each week, stock market expert Marc Chaikin shares his informed perspective on the market and profitable investing strategies—bringing institutional-quality insights to individual investors

Strongest Stocks and Industry Groups


Weakest Stocks and Industry Groups


Emailed to you every weekend, Chaikin Market Insights is packed with the informed opinions and ideas you’d expect from a top market strategist:

Market Recap―Marc’s assessment of the past week’s market; his outlook for the week ahead

“What Do I Do Now?”―Investing strategies and themes based on Chaikin Power Gauge Ratings—examples of bearish stocks to avoid and bullish stocks to add―not available anywhere else!

Heads-Up―Spotlight on stocks due to report earnings in the coming week where bullish or bearish Power Gauge Ratings alert you to buy or sell stocks ahead of earnings releases

Strongest and Weakest Stocks and Industry Groups―see example at left―highest-ranked stocks and industry groups based on Chaikin Power Gauge Ratings. Find the winners, drop the losers.

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Chaikin Market Insights: Marc Chaikin calls Intuitive Surgical and!

What Sets Chaikin Market Insights Apart?

Intuitive Surgical (ISRG): The Power Gauge rating for ISRG turned bearish in April, 2013. Marc repeatedly alerted investors to its negative potential prior to its earnings report in July. ISRG pre-warned the week before they reported earnings of a disappointing quarter and the stock dropped 85 points! When they reported, they missed earnings estimates and the stock dropped another 50 points, losing a total of 25% of its value. (PCLN): Power Gauge Rating turned bearish in May, 2012. In August, the day before PCLN reported earnings, Marc Chaikin warned investors on CNBC’s “Fast Money” to sell. PCLN reported disappointing revenues and the stock dropped 108 points after the close.



Marc Chaikin—a market strategist with a proven, 45-year track record advising successful money managers and hedge funds

Intelligent analysis simply spoken

Actionable ideas—specific stocks to buy or sell to grow your portfolio

Concise—compact commentary with clear graphics

Proven Analytics—profitable strategies based on Chaikin Power Gauge Rating, an unbiased, 20-factor model that distills complex data into simple displays


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