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Chaikin Power Gauge Stock Rating

GPS for Stock Investors!

“I’m a big fan of Marc Chaikin.” - Jon “DR J” Najarian, CNBC Fast Money, August 8, 2012

• A remarkably accurate indicator of where a stock is headed

• The Chaikin Power Gauge Rating uses powerful analytics once available
only to professionals



"NASDAQ OMX and Chaikin Analytics Introduce Enhanced Alpha Indexes based on the Chaikin Power Gauge."


What sets the Chaikin Power Gauge Rating Apart?


1. The Power Gauge Rating is the centerpiece of Chaikin Power Tools and Chaikin Analytics. A remarkably accurate indicator of where stocks are headed over the next 3-6 months.

2. Investors depend on the Power Gauge to find the winners and drop the losers ahead of price moves.

3. The Power Gauge Rating is an unbiased 20-factor model based on financial metrics, earnings performance, price/volume activity and expert opinions.

4. The Power Gauge analyzes masses of financial data and distills it into simple stock ratings, green for bullish and red for bearish. Insights that would take days of research are yours in seconds.

5. Developed by stock market expert Marc Chaikin, whose widely used Chaikin Oscillator and Chaikin Persistency of Money Flow are industry standards.



The Power Gauge Rating was independently back-tested on ten years of data and proven successful at identifying stocks that will out- or under-perform the market over the next 3-6 months by stock screening expert Marc Gerstein, who says,

“The Chaikin Power Gauge Rating does an excellent job identifying stocks that have the potential for strong intermediate-term price performance for one very simple reason: because it was designed to do just that. Believe it or not, that’s unusual.” - Marc Gerstein

Click here for Gerstein’s detailed white paper, “Evaluation of the Chaikin Power Gauge Stock Rating System,” updated on 2/22/13.




See how successful investors use the Chaikin Power Gauge Rating to make smarter Investment decisions




What Our Clients Say About the Power Gauge Rating

My returns are all the proof I need

“The Chaikin Power Gauge is my go-to guide. It simplifies my research. If the power gauge is green, I let it ride. If something goes red, I look for a green replacement. My returns are all the proof I need…The Chaikin model is the real thing.” - Invention 7

Secret weapon

“I use the Chaikin Power Gauge as a secret weapon in my own investing and trading. I think I’ve easily paid $500 or more a year for far less cool investment research tools.” - Mike, VP Marketing Media Services Company

App helped me make money

“This app has helped me find winning stocks the last four months. I like the quick read on bullish and bearish from the color gauge. Overall the best stock app in store.” - tradingdog

Click Here For More About the Chaikin Power Gauge Rating >>






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