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Chaikin Analytics | Individuals

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"My Chaikin Analytics subscription paid for itself in my very first trade - and then paid me back more than 11 times in 2013." - AD

"Chaikin Analytics has made me enough money this week alone [$30,000] to buy a year subscription for 15 people from profit alone." - MW

NEW: Hotlists with all NYSE and NASDAQ listed ETFs!

For experienced investors looking to turbo-charge their stock portfolio.

• Detailed stock charts pull it all together for you, save you hours of research time
• Alerts view and exclusive Buy/Sell signals highlight each day’s top action steps
• Curated Chaikin HotLists - now including ETFs, one- and five-year historical views and Industry sorts give you the full picture for each stock
• Includes a complimentary Annual Chaikin Power Suite Subscription, worth $190/year
• Accessible from any PC, Mac or iPad

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Chaikin Power Suite ― Proven!

All the tools you need to make money in the stock market

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“Have been a long-time user of Chaikin PowerTools and I love the synchronization between all my apps. Thanks guys for all the great stock research.”―Nicholous, August 8, 2012

“Downloaded this after seeing the CEO on Fox Business. Simple displays; straight to the point. I was hesitant, but digging in, I think the "Power Gauge" has some serious analytics standing behind it.”― invention7, July 17, 2012

Save over 30% on Three Powerful Investment Tools―Get 3 Services for the Price of 2!

Try them Free for 30 Days! Thereafter, your subscription will continue at just $19.95/month―or $190 a year. Subscribe or Upgrade Today!

Chaikin Power Suite offers our three most powerful services designed to help you invest like the pros and make more money in the stock market.

1. Portfolio Health Check

Weekly personalized stock portfolio analysis and alerts help you spot trouble and opportunities and act ahead of market shifts. View Sample >>

2. Chaikin Market Insights

Chaikin’s weekly analysis of the market and what you should do next. View Sample >>

3. Chaikin Power Gauge Reports

Drill down on individual stocks with in-depth, on-demand reports on 5,000 stocks. View Sample >>

Insights once available only to professionals can now be yours.

Wouldn’t you like to know in seconds what you should buy, sell or hold, using the same factors that influence such world investment greats as Warren Buffett? Now you can!

Subscribe or Upgrade Today! Get 3 services for the price of 2.


Chaikin Market Insights ― Profitable!

Weekly commentary from Marc Chaikin―money-making strategies made simple

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“The August 4th Market Insights listed KBALB as a strong stock in the Home Furnishing-Appliance industry group. On August 8th, I bought in at $11.16; KBALB is now at $12.86; that’s a 15% gain in just over a month. I’m a believer in Chaikin Market Insight’s ability to help me invest like the Pros. Thanks for the spot-on investing advice you guys provide! ― NR, September 19, 2012

First Report Free! ― Subscribe today! Thereafter, your subscription will continue at $9.95/month. Save 20% and get a yearly subscription for $95―our best deal!

Each week, stock market expert Marc Chaikin shares his informed perspective on the market and profitable investing strategies—bringing institutional-quality insights to individual investors. Each edition of Chaikin Market Insights is packed with the informed opinions and ideas you’d expect from a top market strategist:

Market Recap―Marc’s assessment of the past week’s market; his outlook for the week ahead

“What Do I Do Now?”―Investing strategies and themes based on Chaikin Power Gauge Ratings—examples of bearish stocks to avoid and bullish stocks to add―not available anywhere else!

Heads-Up―Spotlight on stocks due to report earnings in the coming week where bullish or bearish Power Gauge Ratings alert you to act ahead of earnings releases

Strongest and Weakest Stocks and Industry Groups―highest-ranked stocks and industry groups based on Chaikin Power Gauge Ratings―swap your weaker stocks and industry groups for strong.

Click here to see a sample of Chaikin Market Insights


Chaikin Portfolio Health Check ― Powerful!

Weekly analysis helps you improve the performance of your portfolio

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“And for $9.95 per month, it’s a bargain.” Jayanthi Gopalakrishnan, Editor Technical Analysis, September 2012

“Although each analysis is complex, recommendations are easy to interpret.”
―Mike Hogan, Barron’s, June 30, 2012

First Report Free!―Subscribe today! Thereafter, your subscription will continue at $9.95/month. Save 20% and get a yearly subscription for $95―our best deal!

Chaikin Portfolio Health Check is the only personalized analysis that shows you where your stock portfolio is headed in the next 3-6 months—a virtual watchdog that helps you act on strengths, weaknesses and opportunities. Insights once available only to professionals are now yours in a concise, weekly report.

• Tells you weekly if you are positioned for success over the next 3-6 months

• Gives you specific ideas for swapping weak stocks and industry groups for strong

• Alerts you to earnings surprises, estimate revisions, your biggest gainers and losers—important events that can affect near-term prices for your stocks

• Shows how you’re doing compared to the S&P 500 and the Chaikin Investor Community

• Clear graphics let you review and understand the report in minutes

• Based on the proven Chaikin Power Gauge Rating

Watch video to see how Portfolio Health Check lets you see potential, spot trouble, take action

Click here for a sample Portfolio Health Check Report.


Widget for Desktop Computers ― Reliable!

Make informed trades from your desktop

Don’t use a smartphone? Just download our free Desktop Widget. Monitor your portfolio in real time and trade from your Mac or Windows pc or desktop instantly!

• Create a watch list to follow your stocks—prices update every minute

• Check the Chaikin Power Gauge Rating to see what stocks are trending bullish or bearish

• Drill down for charts and fundamentals

• Subscribe to Chaikin Power Gauge Reports and download in-depth reports on any of 5,000 stocks

• Trade stocks instantly from your pc or desktop with an account at optionsXpress

Watch video on how to use the Chaikin Desktop Widget

Available for



Chaikin Power Gauge Reports ― Trusted!

In-depth reports reveal a stock’s potential!

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“What's nice about the report was it contained a lot of information that I usually end up flipping through several URLs on Yahoo! Finance to find. So, rather than clicking through 10-12 pages, it all comes in one report.", August 2011

30-day Free trial!―Subscribe today! Thereafter, your subscription will continue at $9.95/month. Save 20% and get a yearly subscription for $95―our best deal!

The centerpiece of each Power Gauge Report is the Chaikin Power Gauge Rating. Like a GPS for stock investors, the Rating distills complex information about a stock into simple displays―green for bullish, red for bearish―to help you find the winners and drop the losers ahead of price shifts. Subscribers get:

• Unlimited, in-depth research reports on 5,000 stocks

• Insights that would take days to analyze―now yours in seconds―download from our iPhone or Android app, Desktop Widget or website

• Only with Power Gauge Reports―five-year price trends and Power Gauge Ratings for each stock. A stock with long periods of green, bullish ratings will likely outperform a stock with long periods of red, bearish ratings

• News Sentiment―proprietary algorithm analyzes news stories on a stock for the past 30 days and assigns a positive or negative sentiment score

Watch video to see how Power Gauge Reports reveal a stock’s potential

Click here for sample 4-page Power Gauge Report


Chaikin FREE Stock Apps ― Easy!

More than data… meaningful, actionable intelligence

Named one of “Wall Street’s 10 Best Apps” ―Melanie Rodier, Wall Street & Technology, August 2012 click to read review

Invest like the pros with the Chaikin iPhone, Android App, or Desktop Widget. The centerpiece of Chaikin Power Tools is the Chaikin Power Gauge Rating. Like a GPS for stock investors, the Rating distills complex information about a stock into simple displays―green for bullish, red for bearish―to help you find the winners and drop the losers ahead of price shifts. Download your FREE iPhone or Android app today:

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