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Invest like the pros. Find the winners, drop the losers. Chaikin Power Gauge Reports are today's best source of winning stock ideas.

Actionable information—order unlimited in-depth reports on 5,000 stocks from our iPhone app, desktop widget or website. Data is updated daily. Reports can be viewed instantly online, downloaded as a PDF, or sent via email.



Imagine your investment returns if you had a reliable source for finding great stocks like Community Health Systems, Southwest Airlines and Skyworks Solutions before their values soared.

Or what you'd still have in your portfolio if you could have dropped stocks like Yum! Brands, Whole Foods Market and Splunk before they tanked. Now you can.

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Rock solid insights - information that would take days of research to compile - yours in seconds.


Based on the Chaikin Power Gauge - an unbiased 20-factor model that has been back-tested and proven successful at identifying winning and losing stocks.


Analyzes complex financial data and distills it into easy-to-read displays: green for bullish, red for bearish.


News Sentiment - our proprietary algorithm analyzes key news stories on a stock for past 30 days and assigns a positive or negative sentiment score.


Learn how stock investors improve the value of their portfolios with Chaikin Power Gauge Reports



Rave reviews for Chaikin Power Gauge Reports!

"The report contains information that I usually flip through several urls on Yahoo!Finance to find. So, rather than click through 10-12 pages, it all comes in one report"—Darwin's Money


Chaikin investors say it best...

"Its my first stop when evaluating a stock. Started using the reports several months ago and have made a lot of money since" —Rusty

"...You have taken the stress and anxiety out of investing in the current market! Thanks!!" —Sonia

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The centerpiece of Chaikin Power Tools is the Chaikin Power Gauge Rating. Based on an unbiased, 20-factor model, which includes Chaikin Money Flow, the Rating allows you to check the overall strength of a stock. In mere seconds, the model analyzes masses of data and distills it into a remarkably accurate bullish or bearish stock rating. Insights that would take days of research and analysis are yours in an instant.

The Chaikin Power Gauge was independently back-tested on ten years of data by stock screening expert Marc Gerstein, who writes: "The Chaikin Power Gauge rating does an excellent job identifying stocks that have the potential for strong intermediate-term price performance for one very simple reason: because it was designed to do just that. Believe it or not, that's unusual!"

$9.95 a month gives you unlimited access to 5,000 stock reports. Save days of searching Yahoo!Finance and paying as much as $25 per report.